Avid 1 wheels have been built utilizing the latest in cast technologies and tested to exceed the industry’s stringiest and ever changing standards including compliance with TPMS technologies.

Each Avid 1 wheel is lightweight and offers excellent value in a one-piece low-pressure cast design. New offsets and aggressive widths are now available in select applications to address the demands of enthusiasts.

ADV.1′s founder, Jordan Swerdloff, took a different approach to engineering when launching this company. Uninterested in building a high volume brand, he made a conscious effort to step outside the box, and develop a system that will allow ADV.1 to break free from the template paradigm, and design wheels that are more than 2d variations of all the others. Instead, he sees wheels as 3-dimensional sculpture; every angle needs to be designed freely and without boundaries. Check what our discriminating customers have to say about their ADV.1 wheels.

You can expect that each Avid 1 wheel is infused with its own attitude and purpose inspired from the latest street and track trends. We believe each person has a different approach in their vehicle’s personality and so we strive to produce the latest in tuning evolution.